The Institute: Mishka's Spanking

Age Play Discipline Romance

Not the best example of Anderson's work. This book is a sequel to Daddy Issues, which I found hot, fun, and sweet in just the ways that Anderson can carry off. I was looking forward to a continuation of Mishka and Salt's story, but unfortunately, Mishka's Spanking disappoints.

For one thing, the entire backstory was pretty much told to the reader rather than being shown, and it didn't make for very interesting reading. What was disappointing was that it was told through Salt's point of view, and instead of layering in more emotion or stuff that we didn't know, it pretty much sounded about as dry as narration of getting into age play with your long term police partner could get.

For another, the story was short. Very short. I didn't feel like there was a very good picture of how they handled the age play moving into their normal day lives and it was way too succinct for something that I thought needed a bit more to be believable.

For yet another, and this is my personal take - the spanking was enjoyable, which I didn't think discipline spankings were supposed to be. It didn't come across as punishment per se, and that was something I wasn't expecting.

I think that Anderson wrote Mishka's Spanking in response to everyone who wanted to see more of Mishka and Salt's story and I appreciate the sentiment. Unfortunately, that's about as much as I appreciated.

Book Blurb for The Institute: Mishka's Spanking

After the Institute: Mishka’s Spanking

Victor Saltanov and his partner, Andi are deeply in love and continue to “play” together as Papa and mishka in their off-hours. However, Salt hasn’t dared to spank his beloved Andi since their time at the Institute. But discipline is part of the Daddy/Babygirl relationship. What will happen when Andi earns a spanking…and her Papa has to give her firm but loving correction? You’ll have to read Mishka’s Spanking find out.

Age Play Discipline Romance

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 2.50