The Craft Of The Wise 3: Rule Of Three

I felt that the so-called plot of this story took a back seat to the sex scenes -- which really detracted from this short story. It's perfectly allright to write some mindless sex, but to a certain extent I was expecting a real story and plot and character building and when it turns out to be mostly sex, I get a little disappointed.

Everything was solved way too easily, even when Liana got snatched away and could've made it more interesting by detailing how she got back with actual problem-solving skills -- she "poofs" right back and all the interesting bits are gone in favor for more sex. Not to mention the entire premise of how they started their trip was just easily dismissed.

There was no real character building either and I didn't have a clue why the romance was there. There was no explanation for why they fell in love with her and why things were the way they were. Usually I'd want to read some of the earlier stories to see what exactly is going on but in this case I'm going to make an exception and not go back and read the other stories because I can't see them exactly being illuminating.

I found myself flipping past the sex scenes to find some plot, any plot.

Not a good sign.

I just can’t recommend this title as it doesn’t have the building blocks of a complete read.

Book Blurb for The Craft Of The Wise 3: Rule Of Three

Urban Fantasy menage erotic romance
# of pages or word count: 54 pages
Heat rating: 4 Novas
Plus-sized Liana Everton has convinced the witch’s coven to allow her to sneak into the demon realm, whatever it’ll take to help bring the witches the edge they need. Foremost on the agenda is gaining back the missing Book of Shadows. For one of the coven’s strongest witches, that shouldn’t be too hard.
On top of that, twin werewolves Jarod and Ronan Dakota are coming along to protect her back so getting in and out should be a breeze. If she just stays focused on her mission, she won’t have to acknowledge the attraction she feels for the brothers and try to to pick one over the other.
Only Jarod and Ronan have no intention of making her choose. Where one werewolf is nice, two are so much better.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 2.75