The Cancan Dancer and the Duke

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The Cancan Dancer and the Duke

Charise has sneaked off from her Grand Tour of the Continent and become a cancan dancer. Unknowing his real identity and not expecting him to follow her, she flirts with the duke of Lofton. He sought her out and seduces her with the idea of making her his mistress. Little does he know her true identity and his own heart.

This was enjoyable and a quick read perfect for a hot summer's day. Although I really enjoyed Charise's character and her continued set-downs of Ethan, I had some trouble suppressing disbelief at how much leeway she had and assumed she had. I felt there should have perhaps been a wee bit more backstory explaining how she got her hoydenish ways and how she came to expect to be allowed to become a spinster and managed to wheedle a grand tour out of her parents and so forth. It was more than a bit anachronistic albeit amusing to see her cut Lofton down to size.

In all, a good, solid book with some minor flaws.

Book Blurb for The Cancan Dancer and the Duke

Can a lady on the lam and a duke on the make find love at the Moulin Rouge?

Cathedrals and museums are not Lady Charise Colton's idea of European adventure. Turn-of-the-century Paris beckons, and she wants to grab it while she can...or rather, cancan. Flirting with fate and half of Paris, Charise eludes her chaperones and joins the cancan revue at the Moulin Rouge.

Ethan Greer, Duke of Lofton, is in Paris to settle some estate business. Chafing under his responsibilities, he discovers an enchanting distraction at the Moulin Rouge, a flirtatious dancer who stirs his lust and something more. He must have her--even if it means offering carte blanche.

Terrified of discovery, Charise tries to hold her persistent suitor at bay, though her heart has already surrendered. Will she lose him if he learns the truth, or is love enough to bind the cancan dancer and the duke?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50