The Caledonian Privateer

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The Caledonian Privateer

I truly fell in love with Emma - she has the perfect blend of intelligence, grit and spirit - to the point where I sometimes think that she's too good for Morgan. Not that I have anything against that lovely man, but he really did put her through her paces before settling down. I really enjoyed how Gail constructed the story and painted a picture of true and loyal love. Although I did wish towards the end to just smack Morgan around a bit for being slow on the uptake, it was still a good read. Sure they had their differences and Fate sometimes stepped in and slapped them around a bit, but throughout it all their bravery and loyalty for each other shone through. For anyone who wants their heroines to have a bit of a fight to them, do pick this story up.

Book Blurb for The Caledonian Privateer

The big black horse and his rider bursts out of the wind and rain to rescue Emma Prescott. Before she can fully regain her senses, Emma finds herself agreeing to play the role of the man's wife. But what is Captain Morgan Reynolds really? Is he a gallant ship's captain or a murderous highwayman?

Emma, too, poses many questions. Has she been some wealthy mi'lord's courtesan or is she a master criminal, capable of stealing the magnificent jewels he finds in her possession? Lusting after a former lover, taunted and intrigued by the beautiful Emma, Captain Morgan Reynolds will only learn the truth about his surrogate bride when he's captured by the enemy and his own life is at stake.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00