Serpent's Kiss

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Serpent's Kiss

The Agency

Kudos, first of all, to Michelle Hasker to thinking outside the tattered box of werewolves et al. I love werewolves, don't get me wrong, but a snake? Not to mention the storyline that is so hot that it's certain even a cold-blooded -reptile, shall we say, would be aroused from hibernation. The only quibble I had with this was that it seemed to be too short a story. I really wanted more back-story about the Agency and what it stood for and its role. Also, more back-story about Kim/Nalini would have been great; as it is, I had some interesting snippets of information, but really not enough to piece together what kind of person she was. In all however, this is a great story that is well worth picking up - and well worth expanding upon. *hint hint

Book Blurb for Serpent's Kiss

Agent John Macallister is so deep undercover he's not sure who he is anymore. Fortunately the Agency has sent one of their best operatives to rescue him -- from himself. Only problem? She's a giant anaconda.

Sleeping with the man you're guarding is a bad idea. Especially if you're a snake shapeshifter pretending to be nothing more than a six-foot-long, yellow anaconda and you're in love with the man you're guarding. As if not being able to have sex with John isn't bad enough, they're in the middle of a drug dealer's paradise and everyone wants him dead. Kim doesn't know which is harder, keeping John alive or keeping her hands -- and her identity -- to herself.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50