Temporally Yours & The Key

Both short stories were sizzling hot, and I certainly enjoyed them both, but Temporally Yours was definitely my favorite of the two. I really enjoyed the concept of playing with time and I felt that while fine as it is, the idea could have been stretched to accommodate more plot than currently is in play. I was very intrigued by the old man and who he had made time pieces for.

I was slightly disappointed that The Key didn't have anything to do with the first story. The Key was a nice, hot read - I'm sure that there are those who can relate to Jane's frustration at how she was the only person who didn't get a gift on Valentine's Day. Little did she know that her lover was about to pop the best present at the last moment. The suspense and the buildup were realistically carried out. Scorching reading material that is perfect for those dark winter days.

Book Blurb for Temporally Yours & The Key

Theirs was a love hampered by time...

There were never enough hours in the day. They were never in the same place long enough to spend much time together.

Patrick and Susan worked hard. They both had demanding careers that kept them at opposite ends of the globe for large amounts of time with only fleeting moments to be together. Yet the heat, the love, the friendship they shared was a connection neither wanted to ignore.

Susan loved Patrick. All she really wanted was more time with him.

Patrick loved Susan with every fibre of his being, yet he feared the boredom of giving up his high powered career for a less challenging one closer to home.

He often found himself contemplating the life he and Susan could share if they had all the time in the world to be together. Yet that dream dangled just out of reach - she had her career - he had his -- until they happened upon a quaint and peculiar shop.

Was it possible that a chance visit to a mysterious shop and the cryptic words of an old jeweler could yield the solution he was looking for.or would love demand a price more dear than either was willing to pay?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.00