Tears of the Dragon

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Tears of the Dragon

Carolina Valdez paints a vibrant picture of dragons in a sexy new light. There are shape-shifting dragons, a sacred trust and even hot lovin' to rival even a dragon's breath. Even though I liked Arondele/ Gloriana a great deal and greatly enjoyed reading about her escapades with Rodick, I felt that the back story regarding the sacred duty could've been embellished upon. I often felt that who Arondele truly is was set aside in favor of the love story between her and Rodick. It certainly is a very nice story, but considering that she went to the trouble of creating a new mythos for the concept of dragons, it seemed a bit of a pity that she didn't go into more detail regarding dragon families - or their lack of familial ties, the king of dragons, their magic, and the countless other details that made the story so captivating. I would also have wanted to know more about Arondele's mother and why she didn't stick around even though she clearly adored her daughter.

The best part was how Rodick and Arondele managed to start an entirely new tradition for the dragons, a change that their love for each other brought about. Always a pleasure when true love trumps all. Pick up this book to find out more about the royal dragons, it's a scenic tour well worth the trip.

Book Blurb for Tears of the Dragon

Gloriana, princess of the golden dragons, has a sacred destiny to fulfill, but first she's required to mate and produce an heir. In human form, as Arondele and hiding her true nature from him, she's fallen in love with Rodick, a powerful knight in the enchanted kingdom of Ahnerion. Only after seducing an aroused but reluctant Rodick does she learn the penalty for not being a virgin when she mates as Gloriana is death. For both of them.

Terrified for Rodick's safety, she abandons him. They will slay her, but he'll be safe.

Flaming passion fuels Rodick's hunt to find her. When he learns what she is, and knows he must battle her father, the powerful and fearsome king of the golden dragons, for her, will his love stand the test? Will he and Gloriana survive?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.00