Tall, Dark and Deadly

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Tall, Dark and Deadly

Book 1

This book had an interesting premise, but I just couldn't get into the story. The incessant descriptions about how desirable Grace was often pulled me out of the plot and back into reality. Also, it just seemed that Justin behaved in a very inappropriate manner towards Grace when they weren't dating yet – if he weren't the love interest, he should have and would have been slammed for inappropriate behavior if not sexual harassment. I can't help but lose a ton of respect for him for behaving in such a gauche and unprofessional manner. I also wanted to know more about Grace's time with Rick, especially some of the thought processes behind his actions. It seemed that he was supposedly extremely clever and had special criteria for choosing his victims – thus it would have made for a much more clearstory if I could have had a glimpse into his mind. Why her? Why allow her to keep the child? If he wanted Grace back, why didn't he come after her before? Why now? I also always assumed that he wanted Grace dead, but his actions towards the end didn't support that – so why did he change his mind? The ending of the story left more questions unanswered than not, and it's not a “leaving it to the imagination” sort of pleasant feeling. It also originally seemed as if Rick had people who were in on what he was doing, note Bosley, note the other men who “had permission”. The entire back-story could have been more developed and yet I felt as if too much valuable real estate was devoted to them inappropriately lusting after one another. I might pick up the next book in the series, I might not. This had a promising start but a lackluster finish, perhaps the next one will be better.

Book Blurb for Tall, Dark and Deadly

First in a brand new series, a sexy, thrilling novel about a female cop, an FBI agent, and a whole world of trouble in-between…

Grace Jordan is leaving her dark past behind. Having traded in her big-city badge for life in the slow lane in Rockville, South Dakota, Grace and her daughter were hoping to make a fresh, clean start. But crime is at large in small towns, too…and young women keep turning up brutally murdered. Before she knows , Grace has got a serial murder case on her hands - and the infuriatingly seductive FBI agent Justin Reece by her side.

Grace did not come to Rockville looking for romance. But she can’t deny the chemistry between her and Justin - no matter how much she might want to. Meanwhile, things keep heating up as more women turn up dead, and a disturbing pattern points to a killer who seems to be sending a message for Grace alone. But how could he know such secret, scandelous details about her past life? Unless he happens to be someone from the past she would kill to forget…

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 2.75