Suck Me Dry

Suck, #1

This was a tantalizing glimpse into the origins of Miranda. I think that this would be a much appreciated addition to the story for people who will go on to read Suck You Dry, as it was, it was a bit too much tantalizing and not enough satisfying.

I did want to know why her mother was insisting that she mate with Uglon and where did Cassandia come from and why did she need a daughter? I was also confused by the phrase "demonio de alma" as it seemed very out of place in a prehistoric world, seeing as it definitely seems to have its roots in the romance languages. This did, however, pique my interest in Miranda and her life after meeting Cassandia.

This is definitely something quick and hot to tide one over during a lunch break or so.

Book Blurb for Suck Me Dry

Life in the prehistoric Claw Clan means bowing to the wishes of the males. Seita is in love with Husek, but the leader of the clan and her mother want her to join with two others; one a powerful male of the clan and the other a mysterious unknown. When Seita is betrayed by her love, a mysterious woman with the ability to take the essence of men transforms her, changing Seita from mortal woman to immortal monster.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.00