Subject X

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Subject X

Fun, sweet, and romantic - I really enjoyed Subject X -- even though the science felt like it was on fairly shaky ground throughout.

Charlotte was a great character, although I bemoan the trope of an intelligent woman having little clue about how to dress herself and be feminine. I liked her intelligence and how direct she is, also her seeming to be unflappable in the face of danger.

Owen was hot, no two ways about it. Gotta love a man who is competent, sweet, knows what he wants, and is willing to go for it.

The story suffers a little bit from inexplicable insta-love, but it's handled well enough that it's sweet in that comfort-food sort of way rather than annoying. I also had massive questions about Owen, Owen's father, and how the heck Charlotte's boss managed to carry off what he did, but it's all not all too much worse than the usual superhero origin story. After all, it's all about people not being killed by things that should theoretically kill them and gaining superpowers, right?

Hold onto that disbelief and have fun with the sweet steamy love would be my recommendation.

Book Blurb for Subject X

Recent Harvard graduate Charlotte Kane tends to be the most practical person in the room. A self-proclaimed nerd and former tomboy, Charlotte still isn't used to the world's reaction to her since she traded in her sweatpants and hoodies for skinny jeans and sundresses. And she's just begun to settle into her new job as a research assistant at a prestigious biotech powerhouse, Philadelphia's Genesis Life Systems, when Owen Becker walks into the subject waiting room.

Owen Becker is pure, distilled masculinity. He's also been the subject of a shadowy Genesis research study for twenty-seven years—a classified one now run solely by Charlotte's prickly and secretive boss. With just one glance at Charlotte Kane, Owen knows he has to have her. But he fears that the secret behind his study might be too much for the new researcher to understand—and far too dangerous for her or anyone else to know about.

When a chance accident on their second date reveals something unbelievable about Owen Becker, Charlotte's world is turned entirely upside-down. As she struggles to reconcile what she's learned about her irresistible new boyfriend with everything she knows to be true about science and the world she lives in, her lingering dislike of her new boss shifts into something more like suspicion. Determining that he's up to something dark—and that Owen is at the center of that something—Charlotte is forced to test the limits of what she's willing to do for love and lust.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 3.50