Strategic Alliance

The Witchpyre Legacy Book 1

Lucian and Isabelle's story was funny and entertaining. The antics of the reluctant bride and groom to be are amusing and yet they never cross the boundary into too-stupid-for-words.

I appreciated that, because sometimes people who are going into a marriage of convenience can apparently disregard the practicalities forcing them to get married and be really offensive to each other -- which doesn't make sense. That didn't happen here, which was a really pleasant surprise considering how much Isabelle and Lucian were against the marriage at first.

The world-building was interesting, even though the politics aspect seemed a bit glossed over. This is definitely one story where the romance starred much more heavily than the other aspects did. I did wish that Isabelle and Lucian had more of a chance to explore each other's personality and get to know each other because as it is a bit of insta-love and insta-lust on their parts.

I did enjoy Strategic Alliance and I am interested in seeing more from this world.

Book Blurb for Strategic Alliance

Witches and vampires must unite in order to fight their common enemy, the fraklov demons. The last thing Princess Isabelle wants to do is marry Prince Lucian, but the survival of both their races depends on it. Isabelle is determined to fight Lucian every step of the way, and he is just as reluctant to wed. Then they meet... Strategic Alliance is the intensely passionate beginning of Vanessa Liebe’s new fantasy romance series, The Witchpyre Legacy.

Isabelle is a witch princess and far from impressed when she is told that she must marry a vampire prince in order to secure a strategic alliance with the undead; without help from the vampires, witch covens face extinction at the hands of the fraklov demons. The same is true for the vampire covens.

Isabelle agrees to the marriage for the sake of survival but she resolves to fight the vampire prince every step of the way. That resolve is severely tested, however, when she sneaks into the prince’s room to discover exactly what she is up against and sees Prince Lucian for the first time.

Prince Lucian is also against the arranged marriage and extremely reluctant to be marrying a witch. When his vampiric sense of smell detects an intruder in his room, the prince is highly insulted and is determined to locate and punish the intruder. His plans for the intruder change though, when he meets the princess and discovers it is her. Suddenly marriage to the witch doesn’t seem quite so distasteful.

Content Notes: Intense, Voyeurism, Violence, Light BDSM, Sexual Assault, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Action, Adventure, Demons, Magic, Witches

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 3.50