Book 2

Jory Strong does not disappoint with a strong new novel in this paranormal series.

I really do enjoy seeing how she's rendering the age-old conflict between the angels, the demons, and everything else that goes bump in the night. To a certain extent, I feel that I'm not seeing enough of the big picture fast enough. She reveals snippets of the world so slowly as to almost be painful.

This series is a welcome shift from Strong's previous series, with a heavier emphasis on world building and the different groups that fight for dominance within this world. It's a good deal grittier than her previous work and I really like the change. Definitely putting the paranormal in what used to be a somewhat more heavily romantic tilt.

I would have liked to have known more about Tir's life before he was imprisoned and it would have been lovely to see Arana blossom into herself. Which leads me to another quibble -- I would like to see more of the characters of previous books to see how they fare. There was a brief cameo of the characters in Ghostland, which I did appreciate, but it would have been nice to see the two books linked more closely.

Minor sidenote: it seems that Jory Strong is toning down the heat level of her books.

I am most anxious to see where she's taking us with this new series and I can't wait for the next installment.

Book Blurb for Spider-Touched

The author of Ghostland continues her tale of a postapocalyptic world where supernatural beings have emerged from hiding.

Held prisoner by humans, his angelic memory and power lost because of the sigil-inscribed collar around his neck, Tir dreams of freedom and hungers for vengeance. He's sworn he'll never lie with a mortal, but when Araña removes his shackles and helps him escape his captivity, she melts his icy control and leaves him burning with desire. She's a temptation he can't resist—an unknowing enemy who might well enslave him more thoroughly than the chains he's worn for centuries.

Powerful forces have brought them together to serve a greater purpose, but learning the truth of what they are will destroy them—unless their love is strong enough to overcome the dark legacy of a battle that began with the birth of mankind.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50