Shadow Walk

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Shadow Walk

This was an intense steamy short that fair took my breath away. The world is new and exciting; my only regret is that Devyn Quinn did not further explore the world and its culture within the story itself, although there is certainly enough going on to keep the reader occupied for some time.

Adri is a spunky heroine that had me cheering for her from the onset, although the story is short, Cara Carnes manages to set the tone for the end from the very start and the ending is not a surprise. I did want to know more about Ardan and his past before he and Adri met again, it would have been a great boon to have been part of his journey from where he started to where he ended up.

I would have loved this story in a longer format - I am waiting impatiently to see if there's a sequel to this story, and hopefully it will take us on a longer, more thorough journey.

Book Blurb for Shadow Walk

Can the forbidden love of a traitor overcome the betrayal of honor and duty?

Adri of Abignale was born to serve evil. Upon the eve of her twenty-first birthday, Adri will ascend into her position as a first tier acolyte in the cult of Adsagsoma. The magic she will wield is a powerful one.

On the other side of dark age war is Ardan, an Oathbreaker who betrayed his own heritage to fight for the survival of the weaker human race. Though his long exile, he's never forgotten the young girl he was to wed. To claim Adri as his own, Ardan must convince her of the true path she was destined to walk-as his mate.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.50