Seraph of Sorrow : A Jennifer Scales Novel

I truly enjoyed this book. The authors brought to life a vibrant new world with interesting twists on the fantasy genre, as I knew it. However, the book does not stand-alone well. Although the authors tried to bring in as much back story as possible in order to explain things, often I still felt as if I had been dumped headfirst onto an alien planet with a somewhat unreliable scamp of a tour guide. There is much depth, both emotionally and otherwise within the story and it was moving in unexpected ways. With lesser authors I might have said that they tried to cram too much in too little space, but Anthony and MaryJanice carried it off with admirable aplomb. That said, sometimes I felt that because I hadn't seen Jennifer grow as a person, it sometimes seemed that she was just a little too perfect. Almost Mary-Sue perfect; after all, she found the talisman that would keep them from changing, she was the “Ancient Furnace” at her age, she was pretty, intelligent, popular... in short, I couldn't relate to her that much. By a twist of fate, she is even destined to be a single child so no competition from that quarter either. On the other hand, her father came across as a bumbling fool, which I thought was a rather unfortunate and unfair depiction. He does try his best – he just fails terribly at almost everything he does. I started with the fourth book but I'll be working my way back as I can, as it does seem to be a wonderful series. I will be looking forward to the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for Seraph of Sorrow : A Jennifer Scales Novel

Half weredragon. Half beaststalker. All heart.

Slowly coming into her own, Jennifer Scales just may be the bridge to bring the two warring sides of her family together-provided she can survive learning the most ancient skills of dragonkind.


When it comes to playful romances featuring vampires, werewolves, and Cyborgs, no one can touch the ultra-prolific MaryJanice Davidson. Her Undead Series is a wildly popular succession of books following Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor and her quest for love… and a great pair of shoes!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00