Selfish Is the Heart

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Selfish Is the Heart

Order of Solace Series, Book 3

I've been waiting for a full length novel story of the Order of Solace and this one definitely didn't disappoint. If anything, now I want more set in the same world.

Annalise is a charismatic woman -- her intelligence, cynicism, and joy for life desite all that transpires was fun to read. I loved her interactions with Cassian. He's stern, aloof, and all the more alluring for all that. It was tremendous fun to see her taunt him at every turn. Hart's handling of their relationship was deft, making their inevitable fall into love believable rather than a forced twist to what was previously an antagonistic relationship. Their relevations about themselves and each other were very well drawn and the ending believable even as I almost wanted Annalise to have been a handmaiden to someone else.

The only fault that I found was that I wanted to know more about this world, how it came about, how the politics and religion run. It seems to be loosely based on olden Europe, but it would have been nice to see more backstory or background to the story. If anything, a book based on the founding of the Order would be a wonderful addition to this series. Waiting for the next book with bated breath, as usual.

Book Blurb for Selfish Is the Heart

The national bestselling author of No Greater Pleasure delivers a new novel featuring a reluctant student of seduction.

To escape an arranged marriage, Annalise Marony decides to become a Handmaiden of the Order of Solace. But she is thwarted at every turn by Cassian, a teacher of the faith, who must test her dedication. Older than most of the girls, Annalise knows that she will be expected to please a patron in pleasures of the flesh-and she is not shy about teasing Cassian. And as they both play out the game of master and student, the secrets in their souls will either tear them apart-or bind them together forever.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.75