Scoundrel's Kiss

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Scoundrel's Kiss

Deeply flawed and yet struggling for redemption, in their own ways, Gavriel and Ada's story is heartbreaking and breathtaking.

Ada's addiction is described with careful detail, her lack of control and how far she's fallen give to us with no sugarcoating -- yet one waits for the times when her spirit shines through.

Gavriel is a struggling would-be man of the cloth, the perfect foil to Ada. Nothing is as it seems and there are layers upon layers of story -- I wished that the book was twice as long so I could have known more of Ada's life before she met Gavriel.

I especially loved how Fernan's story is woven throughout, a thread that shines in the most unexpected ways. In fact, Lofty does a superb job of bringing all her characters to life, not just the main ones. At the end, I found myself wishing Jacob and the Condesa well -- perhaps the next story will be of them?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story by Carrie Lofty and will definitely keep an eye out for future stories by her.

Book Blurb for Scoundrel's Kiss

When It Comes To Temptation. . .

Turning his back on his old life as a rogue, Gavriel de Marqueda has joined a monastic order in Spain and taken a vow of chastity. Before he becomes a monk, he must pass one final test: help a woman who has lost her way. But when he lays eyes on Ada of Keyworth, he is tempted beyond measure by her sultry beauty and dangerous curves. . .

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken. . .

Far from her home in England, Ada has been battling inner demons for more than a year. When she discovers that her only friend has abandoned her, she has no choice but to grudgingly accept Gavriel's help. But Ada is not fooled. Though Gavriel wears the robes of a monk, Ada sees that he is a virile man who looks at her with a hunger that matches her own—one that begs to be satisfied again and again. . .

"Readers will delight in this inventive foray into a legendary place." —Susan Wiggs, New York Times Bestselling Author on What a Scoundrel Wants

Carrie Lofty was born in California, raised amongst Hoosiers and Buckeyes, and found the love of her life in England. After earning her master's degree with a thesis on Old West legends, she was excited to learn other parts of the world have history too—and then set about researching it all. Two daughters and a half-dozen moves later, Carrie and her family settled just north of Chicago, where she is busy creating her next adventure.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00