Sans Regret

This was a hot and entertaining read; I really enjoyed watching Caroline track down Wortham and see how her quest for revenge spun out. Caroline is a lovely heroine; I especially enjoyed the portrayal of her with her books smuggled in by the butcher in the middle of all the depravity. What I also enjoyed was that there wasn't an overbearing, unending war cry for revenge throughout the entire story.

Although there is struggle with what was in the past, there is much more. Also, the little details of the era truly made the story shine; for example, how Wortham is referred to with his title for most of the story. I was a little disappointed at the end when there seemed to be some loose ends regarding her sister and her family, but overall I highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for Sans Regret

What woman would steal a Peer of the Realm from a crowded London party? James Hardison, Marquis of Wortham awakes as prisoner of the woman who inflames all his passions. When she reveals herself to be Caroline Durant, Dowager Countess of Oakhurst, he realizes she's taken him to Sans Regret, the secret den of sin built by her late husband. James had hoped for an invitation during the Earl's lifetime. Now he's here for a private party, prisoner until Caroline exacts her revenge for something he didn't do.

Caroline has him right where she wants him. The rake ruined her life by seducing her sister, forcing their parents to find a noble match for Caroline. Fobbed off on the abusive Earl, she was forced to serve as sexual plaything for his guests. Now she'll use Wortham's licentious nature against him. How could she have imagined he would arouse desires she didn't think she had?

Exploring each other's passions, two strong-willed people come to know each other's souls.

Reader Advisory: Contains brief F/F interaction and group sex.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00