Running Wyld

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Running Wyld

The Sector Guard - Book 2

Running Wyld is an interesting, short, and sweet story, it does suffer from a few plot holes.

I really enjoyed Aggie -- I would have loved to have had more detail about her childhood, her family, and the short reference to how her body wouldn't obey her when she was going through puberty was very intriguing. Too bad that was not explored fully.

Haaro, I just couldn't get into. I didn't really get a good grasp of his personality, and I was never quite sure what he was thinking. At first he's amenable to a marriage of convenience and it seems that he's not too keen on marrying Aggie -- job or no. Then suddenly after she shifts in front of him, he develops interest. I wanted to know what was going on in his head. When they did their first mission and Wil was coming onto Aggie, arousing what seemed to be jealousy in Haaro, that seemed like a bit of a deliberate plot device to get them into bed. What I didn't understand was why Haaro would care. After all, he was all gung-ho for marriage in name only.

Having it explained why a world would be "tech-restricted" would also have made the story richer. As it was, it seemed like a whim on the part of the planet. If it was or wasn't, it would have made the story more real. I just think it needed to be clarified. 

I'll want to pick up the other titles in this series because I really want to know where Viola Grace is going with the sentient planet concept, but this one story just didn’t give me the full deal. 

Book Blurb for Running Wyld

Agreha Wyld had a good life, friends, family and a place she was accepted. When the Sector Guard call for exceptional beings goes out, her planet nominates her and it is over a year later before they get a response. The response's name is Haaro Denler, telepathic Dhemon and Aggie's destined mate. A marriage of convenience is her initial reaction, but her mind swiftly wanders down other paths when she sees the Dhemon's wingspan. During her first assignment on a tech-free world, she embraces her new duties as a Sector Guard, and decides to embrace her husband with the same enthusiasm. Won't he be surprised?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.25