Rough Caress

As usual, Lisabet Sarai doesn't fail to please - the erotic bits are red-hot and the loving detail to character depiction mesmerizing. However, the short stories were previously published and not commissioned for this anthology and it shows. It's unfortunate that the stories seem to be thrown together and her usual flair for telling a story somewhat lost in the mental whip lash caused by the sudden changes of scene between stories. The stories are on the short side, for my taste, but Lisabet manages to paint vivid pictures of the characters just the same. I'd suggest this to anyone who wants a bit of a spicy treat although I do think she shines more in her longer novels.

Book Blurb for Rough Caress

Devotion and discipline. Power and surrender. The thrill of watching a slave suffer willingly at your hands. The ecstasy discovered in giving yourself to another to be used and abused. Lisabet Sarai offers up fourteen erotic stories that explore the emotional side of dominance and submission. In the farmlands of Nebraska, the streets of Bangkok, the brownstones of New York and the red light district of Amsterdam, men and women experience the extremes of pleasure and the flashes of truth to be found in BDSM. Rough Caress collects some of Sarai's best known BDSM fiction as well as offering several brand new stories.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.50