Reluctant Consort

Wizard Twins 4

So, this doesn't actually seem to be a full story in itself. I've read the other Wizard Twin stories and those actually have a bit of plot and character development and some coherent world building. This, for all the fancy exposition (more on that later) and purple prose, just came across as confusing.

There was a lot of flowery language thrown about in the book. I like my purple prose as much as the next person, but there were times when it wasn't so much unreadable as I just lost interest in following the convoluted language.

I had no idea what was going on, who the bad guys were, what the bad guys really wanted, what the good guys were fighting for, and no inkling where the hell the love story was. There was a lot of fancy talking that sort of ran circles around what was important but never really hit the spot.

The characters were pretty much one-dimensional, except for the brother. The brother, who is not a main character, pretty much stole the show -- which was a problem.

The problem really seems to be that this is a thing to build up into something larger. It feels like the prequel to some other interlinked stories. In fact, it reads like one long-ass prologue.

Which, for one, I don't usually enjoy prologues all that much because it's pretty much tell don't show and because the characters end up going off scene as soon as you start caring for them. For two, I find it really in poor taste to sell something that's ostensibly a story in of itself that is actually not really a story but a prologue.

I've liked Lora Leigh in the past, but she's been slipping for the last few years and this is really one of the worst things I've seen from her. Don't bother with this one. Pick up one of her earlier books.

Book Blurb for Reluctant Consort

Arabella da’Alistair is aware of her fate. The daughter of an evil king, she knows she must be sacrificed to allay the people’s fear she will become a creature of magick. But suffering so at the hand of her father is more than she can bear. She wants one more chance to be wrapped in a magickal ménage with the warriors she has been meeting in secret. Warriors who have no idea who she truly is.

Caedan and Daelan of the Ogre house Dungarrin agree to save a woman destined for horrors, as demanded by their two kings. She may not be the woman they long to possess, body and soul, but they will follow their duty. But fate shines on them and the twins will do whatever it takes to save this woman—their woman—and deliver her to the safety of their arms, and the pleasure of their bed.

A Romantica® fantasy erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 2.50