Reflections of a Stranger

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Reflections of a Stranger

I thought this story had an interesting premise, but I'm not sure about the execution.

Annica, for someone who walked through the mirror into the future, seemed to be far too calm and accepting of what went on. It didn't quite make sense for her to be that blasé about the situation, much less to be that excited over it. Her swift fall into love with Kenny also made little sense, since they barely knew each other before and yet she seemed to trust him implicitly when she met him with little basis for her trust. For that matter, Kenny's similar easy acceptance of her and their subsequent almost normal dating behavior seemed to me rather strange.

The issue over the magic mirror was also somewhat confusing -- it was never made to be that clear as to why there was an enchantment on the mirror, why there was such a harsh penalty for using the mirror, and how it came to be.

Then there was Annica's relationship with her mother, which I thought could have been much better handled. It seemed from the synopsis and from the beginning of the story that their relationship was strained, perhaps even almost non-existent. It was implied that her mother didn't care for her and saw her as mostly free labor that she exploited on a regular basis -- yet towards the end there is a sudden change of heart where her mother is concerned. It would perhaps have been better if there had been a bit more explanation and writing devoted to exploring her relationship with her parents, and especially her mother.

The last section of the story where all the drama and suspense was going on -- to a certain extent I felt like it seemed built up just for the sake of angst, suspense, and drama, not that it was actually integral to the plot or even helped it much. Mostly because it was clear from the very beginning that nothing serious was actually going to happen.

Book Blurb for Reflections of a Stranger

Kenny Rosnoski finds himself having dreams of a beautiful young woman. He feels a connection to her and can't explain it because he's sure they've never met.

When he inherits an old house from his grandmother after her death, he decides to renovate it and discovers an old mirror in a room he'd never been in. After he sees the same woman from his dreams in his room, he goes to investigate, only to discover the mirror is a portal to another time and the woman is most definitely real-and living 150 years in the past!

Annica Miller was treated more like a servant than a daughter by her own mother. She spends time in her room to try and escape her mother's harsh treatment. When she discovers the magic of the mirror in her room, she uses it as a way to hide away from her own life. Little does she know she'll meet the man of her dreams-a man who lives 150 years in the future!

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and explicit sex.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 2.75