Redeeming the Earl

Perfect Series Companion, #3

I was a bit conflicted about this book.

There's the usual trope of the heroine trusting the hero on sight despite his tarnished name and loving him anyway, but it was sweetly done and for someone who specialized in unearthing the truth, I could believe that Rebecca was capable of insights most other people wouldn't pause to see.

What was frustrating was the fact that everyone's brains seemed to have leaked out their ears at some point. For someone who made a point of unearthing things, I felt like Rebecca's reactions to threats against her life were remarkably subdued. And it turned out later that there were suspicious things surrounding the death of Charles' previous wives, but apparently he couldn't bestir himself out of his grief to actually check into it. I liked them before, but I have to admit to losing respect for Charles and to a lesser extent Rebecca when it felt like they were just letting things happen to them without trying to figure things out when the signs were all there. Seriously, dude, how many wives do you have to lose before you get it through your head that something might be going on?

That said, I enjoyed most of the book, and I would be happy to read another story by the author.

Book Blurb for Redeeming the Earl

Rebecca Doutree has a secret. A big secret. She is the author of the famous Unscandal Sheet. The anonymity provides her a unique position to discover the legitimacy behind local gossip and to aid the wrongly accused in her publication. When she meets the Earl of Dunmore, the facts hidden underneath the rumors surrounding him beckon her to unveil them. However, as she spends time with him to secretly uncover the truth, she discovers concentrating on her mission to be much harder than she anticipated. What is it about him that affects her so?

Charles Edwards, the Earl of Dunmore, only wants one thing: an heir. Yet, as a four-time widower, he is surrounded by scandal. Knowing of his duty to the earldom, he ventures to London to clear his name and obtain wife number five. Coming across the husky-voiced Miss Doutree, he turns his attention to her. To his surprise, he finds himself tempted by her like never before. The new feeling is discomforting, and he isn’t sure he likes it. Can he marry her and still remain the same man? Or, more importantly, will she survive the endeavor?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 3.00