Red-hot and Royal

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Red-hot and Royal

I really enjoyed this collection of stories about the princes and their pursuit of their princesses. Susanna created delightful characters that blazed to life within their individual stories. I do think that it might have been better if the stories were stand-alone, since it didn't seem that the princes had much contact with each other during their courtships - and neither did the heroines. I found myself flipping through the book to finish one story before I started the next - which is a sign of how good the plot was - but it was also very inconvenient. I wanted to know much more about them and the way the stories ended was just enough to whet my appetite. In all, a must read - don't forget to pick up a copy.

Book Blurb for Red-hot and Royal

Notify the royal guard… three everyday women are about to break through the gates, take on the palace and turn on the princes. Kylee, Lauren, and Shayla are modern-day ordinary women who would never meet the requirements for fabled princesses. Damsels in distress? Definitely not. Fairest in the land? They wish. Pure as snow? Not even close. Now, these three women are about to get to know the wild side of royalty—and inspire three princes to cast the crown aside and bare it all. Their encounters are royally erotic—and the happily ever after they reach is not exactly the fairytale ending you’d expect. It’s much, much hotter. One thing's for sure: These princes never had it so good…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00