Children of Poseidon 2

Fairly sweet and enjoyable, although with less of an emphasis on the romance side of things than I prefer.

Jewel is all grown up and Rann is finally coming to realize that - which is nice. I like that Jewel has grown a spine and figured out what she wants from life and is ready to go and get it. Rann is, as always, a smooth sweetheart and a pleasure to be around.

However, the storyline places more weight on the suspense part. Which, granted, there's missing witches and potential world destruction in the balance, so it makes sense, but I would have preferred to have seen a bit more interaction between Jewel and Rann, more of a love story, rather than the emotional quickie this felt like.

The story is clearly setting up for a grand finale in the third book, but towards that end, it feels like more emphasis is placed on everything else except Jewel and Rann. That said, I am keen to see what happens next and how the series will wrap up.

Book Blurb for Rann

Poseidon’s son Rann has been content to rule his island paradise for centuries, but now something dangerous is stirring in his seas. A dark web of evil spreads from the horn of Africa to the covens of London.

A call for help from her old coven gives young witch Jewel a reason to leave her island home and her crush on Rann, and hurry back to London where old crimes are rising to disturb the city’s magic community.

The past is about to collide with Jewel’s present and threaten her future with something far more lethal than unrequited love.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.50