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Raashh Decisions

Xxan War, #3

I'm rather conflicted by this collection. I enjoyed it, yes, because Brenna Lyons truly is wonderful at characterization and world-building and I love the situations she puts her characters in...

I just also wish that there was a little more detail placed into building the backstory behind who the characters are.

In the first story, for example, it was a short, hot read, but I never got a clear idea of why Marie was so into the Xxanian culture, why she chose to do what she did and why the Xxanians needed females. I would have liked some backstory, some setup before jumping straight into the steamy. Then the story ended when I was expecting to see them build a relationship.

In the second story, since Daveed and Joy worked together there was ample opportunity for Brenna to set up their relationship. Heck, even a page beyond when they expressed their interest in each other, maybe a paragraph detailing their common interests would have been enough, but again the focus seemed to be on their mating. Hot, intense, sexy, but it felt a bit more like eating cotton candy when you were expecting chocolate mousse.

I have to say though, Brenna is queen at the fated-pairing and intense consummation.

The last story kind of threw me, to be honest. I was not expecting Arren, after book two, to be so at odds with his father and brother. I would have liked to see how things changed from book two when he was younger to how his relationships deteriorated to the point in book 3. A lot is implied rather than said, to the point where I sometimes felt like I was possibly extrapolating too much.

In conclusion -- I still really enjoyed these stories, I just felt like they could have been fleshed out a bit more than they were. For something hot, steamy and fun, however, they're perfect.

Book Blurb for Raashh Decisions

Raashh was Daahn’s second in command, a powerful Grea elder, now head of a nest of his own. But his nest is missing one essential detail; THE FOUNDING of a nest requires a female to fill it with children. When Rayn and MacNair bring Marie to him, Raashh is convinced it’s a joke, but the tiny human female proves to be more than a match for the elder.

The humans are restless, and it’s not safe to be Xxanian on Earth. When Daveed Raashh hires a new designer for the Spice clothing line — a human female designer, both of them know it’s not smart to get involved. But the heart doesn’t follow the head in THE BUSINESS OF LOVE.

A tragedy at birth left Arren Raashh a SUBDOMINANT SON in a nest full of Dominants...always lesser, always looked down upon. A chance meeting with Zondra Duncan brings something into Arren’s life he never expected, a human woman looking for a man who will never cheat on her. Sandy doesn’t mind that Arren is a Subdominant, but can they mend a lifetime of scorn from his family and reunite a broken nest?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 3.50