Queen's Surrender

Frankly, I didn't enjoy this story. It seemed like an endless string of cliches strung together with a Mary Sue-ish character with neither reasonable motives for her actions nor a believable backstory. 

Sumatra's character is not at all charismatic, nor is she appealing as a heroine. She comes across as arrogant, spoiled, and self-serving above all. There is no explanation of her personality, no backstory to soften the way she appears. It seems that her character as queen is merely a prop. something to explain why she has the power she has and her actions. 

Adaire's relationship with Sumatra is even more strange. There is no good reason for him to find her attractive other than her physical beauty and I must say that a relationship predicated on such a premise is really too flimsy to be good entertainment. There's not really any explanation of why he came to Amazonia, and Amazonia itself seems more like a prop than anything else. 

For that matter, Adaire and Sumatra's relationship isn't all that interesting. It's one cliche of the headstrong, unreasonable woman in power refusing to bow to "emotion" after another. For such a woman, it's hard to understand how Adaire finally got through her defenses. The idea that all she needed was a man to stand up to her was painful to contemplate. That idea only made her even more one-dimensional rather than fleshing her out as a human with her own hopes, dreams, and disappointments.

I wish there would have been something to bring this book around for me, but I just didn't find it. Maybe other works by Nadia Aidan will be more my cup of tea.

Book Blurb for Queen's Surrender

Length: Quickie
Queen Sumatra is used to bending men to her will. Her harem is overflowing, but she has grown bored and restless with them. She desires a challenge, a man she cannot so easily command, and she finds one in Adaire.
Ten years her junior, Adaire may be in the queen’s employ, but he cannot be manipulated by her. He is not her servant and certainly not one of her whores. Adaire is adamant that in their bedchamber Sumatra will not be the one giving orders, for behind closed doors she will not be his queen, but his woman. And Adaire will accept nothing less than her complete surrender.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 2.00