Queen of Trees

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Queen of Trees

This was a fairly entertaining short - although I felt that it could have benefited from being a longer piece. Although it's fair praise that I should want to know more, I did want to hear about Lana's childhood and training, and I thought that the characters and storyline could have been better developed.

All that aside, this was a fast-paced, exciting read - witches and kingdoms to save, oh my. Lana is a great heroine and I loved reading about her relationship with the forest. It's a slight pity that although she's the Queen of Trees, that isn't explored further.

In all, this was a tantalizing bit of work that shows what Lynn Lowery is capable of, and I'm definitely looking forward to some longer stories by her.

Book Blurb for Queen of Trees

Mordavia lies in peaceful slumber as it has for centuries. Lana the Tree Warder uses her powers of nature in World Wood, guarding and protecting the trees and cares little for the outside world. Then the day comes when she meets prince Kail Mageking and everything changes. On a quest against the darkest of evils she soon discovers she is on a journey that could cost her more than her life. It could cost Lana her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.00