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Prime Target

Prime Target is difficult to put in a box. I liked Susa and Damon was a sweetie and the Wefiantoth ended up stealing the show, but I had complicated feels about the story.

First off, it's not the first book in a series. I'm not sure which one it is, but it doesn't quite standalone. I felt very at sea and it was hard to get into the spirit of things because it wasn't always clear why things were they way they were.

Considering that the Prime people obviously had interstellar travel, why did Susa have to be a sex surrogate if she wasn't allowed to marry normally? Why weren't women allowed to travel off planet to find happiness elsewhere? What made me squirm wasn't that Susa was a sex surrogate, it's that the whole thing was framed as "her choice" and in some places as "her duty", but it didn't feel like a real choice at all, and I never got a good handle on how icky the situation was for me because I wasn't clear on what had come before.

Then there was Susa's past. There was definitely abuse and some non-consensual sex and it's referenced quite a bit. A major part of the story also involves her being pursued by a man who can't understand the word "no" and the whole thing got triggering. Readers who find mentions of sexual assault and abuse troubling should be aware that it's a recurring thread in the book.

Otherwise, there's mating lust, telepathic bonding, cute balls of fluff that somehow spit poisonous acid, and some BDSM play. Speaking of cute balls of fluff, how can anyone resist when they're the hero who ends up saving the damsel first?

I'm not the hugest fan of possessiveness as a shorthand for love, and that does seem to be a Thing, but it didn't hit the threshold for being annoying. I liked Prime Target and I'd like to read more in this universe.

Book Blurb for Prime Target

Former Prime sex surrogate Susa Anghard has never been off her planet, let alone out of the Cejuru solar system. While she isn’t naive about men and what they want, she isn’t prepared for the predatory males who now have her in their sights. When she’s kidnapped on her way to a galactic rim jump station to visit her cousin Borac, she has no expectations of being rescued.

She vows to free herself or die trying.

When Borac Anghard asks Damon Martin to intercept his cousin Susa’s transport and escort her to their jump station, Damon agrees. When he arrives to meet Susa’s ship, he finds she’s been kidnapped by Dorian mercenaries. He goes in hot pursuit and prays he finds her before she’s delivered to the person who paid for the kidnapping.

He has vowed to save her.

When Damon catches up with the kidnappers, he hadn’t expected to find the resourceful Susa in the act of getting away. And he really hadn’t expected to be so attracted to her. An attraction that could go nowhere—she was his business partner’s cousin and Damon still wasn’t over losing the only woman he’d ever loved.

Take one alpha-male with a slightly broken heart, add in one Prime female finding her courage and self for the first time—throw them together in close quarters in a trip across the galaxy and love will find a way.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2019 3.50