Pipe Dreams

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Pipe Dreams

A Brooklyn Bruisers Novel, #3

Pipe Dreams was a slow burn for me - I started out really disliking the hero for what he did, and I don't usually like flash-back sequences when I just want to know how what happens next rather than what happened before.

It gets better though, a lot better. There was less of Sarina Bowen's usual trademark humor and snark, but that wouldn't have fit as well with the story anyway. Michael's steady warmth made up for it, however. Gotta love a man who's not afraid to stand up when he needs to and apologize for what he's done. Readers, if you need a good grovel in your second chance romances, I have to say Beacon does a good job. I also appreciated how sane he was in the constant madness and he was such a sweet father.

Lauren was fun. I liked how she stood her ground, how she wasn't afraid to go whatever she was due, be it her career, a proper apology from Beacon, and the dreams she had for her life. I also liked that she didn't just cave and give in when the hero really had messed up lots and how she had grace under heat.

Very much looking forward to the next book and hoping that it's finally going to be Nate and Becca.

Book Blurb for Pipe Dreams

A goalie has to trust his instincts, even when taking a shot to the heart…

Mike Beacon is a champion at defending the net, but off the ice, he’s not so lucky. A widower and a single father, he’s never forgotten Lauren Williams, the ex who gave him the best year of his life. When Lauren reappears in the Bruisers office during the playoffs, Beacon sees his chance to make things right.

Lauren hates that she’s forced to travel with the team she used to work for and the man who broke her heart. There’s still undeniable sexual tension running between her and Mike, but she won’t go down that road again. She’s focused on her plans for the future—she doesn’t need a man to make her dreams of motherhood come true.

Lauren plays her best defensive game, but she’s no match for the dark-eyed goalie. When the field of play moves to Florida, things heat up on the beach.

One of Mike’s biggest fans doesn’t approve—his teenage daughter. But a true competitor knows not to waste the perfect shot at love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.00