Phaze Fantasies VI

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Phaze Fantasies VI


In To have and to Hold, Yvette Hines creates a steaming hot story with an endearingly strong heroine - Kelli. In the classic story of being jilted at the altar, Kelli's strong personality shines through with humor and fortitude. It is possible that she might have gotten over it a little too quickly, but the story doesn't fail to amuse and titillate regardless.

In Precious Things, Augusta Li spins a captivating story about a post -apocalyptic world with magic overtones. Although the writing can seem over-done at times with the abundant use of adjectives, the world itself is relatively well built and the story is compelling. This is one of those shorts, which would benefit from being re-worked into a longer piece - I definitely would jump at the chance to learn more about Rinko and Leannan's past history and the back story about the world itself.

In Sam, the Man, Jude Mason pens a hot short with seriously steamy m/m action. However, I couldn't really get into the story, as I felt uncomfortable identifying with two men who were cheating on a dying woman. Asides from the purely ethical concerns, this was a story with enough heat to make anyone's day.

Continuing Education by D. Musgrave was definitely my favorite story; it was well written with great characterization and a premise that is always entertaining - that of a teacher dom. Nicolas was an endearing character and made for a dynamic duo with Stephanie. However, I would have liked to see some more background on the club and her role in it, not to mention how she dealt with the dichotomy of the two roles she played.

I submit by N was astonishingly hot; it was a very well done and clever rendition of the classic "corruption of a strait-laced young woman". I definitely felt that N put thought into the concepts behind her change, however, and that made the story gain a depth that was very compelling. Not to mention that the heated scenes were well written and the documentation of how Svetlana changed was mesmerizing.

Book Blurb for Phaze Fantasies VI

Six Phaze favorites guarantee to enthrall with this sizzling collection of erotic shorts. Featuring: To Have and To Hold by Yvette Hines: Kelli Delaney spent the last year planning for the perfect wedding. What she didn't plan for was getting to the altar and not having a groom there waiting for her. Dumped and pissed, Kelli decides she's still going to have her honeymoon and eat her cake too. When she meets up with her college crush, Will Robertson she finds herself submitting to a passionate weekend she couldn't have arranged for in her wildest dreams. Continuing Education by D. Musgrave: By day, Stephanie Barrett is a high school English Teacher. By night, she's the Grand Mistress of a dungeon club, without a submissive to call her own. When she spots Nicolas Adamson, back in town from college, she remembers the strong feelings she had for him, but never acted on. A plan forms in her mind, to lure him into her lair. Thus begins the realization of her longest held fantasy--to find a submissive of her own. Sam the Man by Jude Mason: Sammy Nicholson was the epitome of what we all might think of as 'flaming' gay. Small, well dressed in outrageous clothing, he loved to shock and tease. But Sammy was much more. A part time hospice worker, he fell for a client's husband and after some soul searching, the man tumbled for him as well. When the wife finally passes away, guilt sets in. Can Sammy's special kind of love break down the barriers Greg has set up for himself? Precious Things by Augusta Li: Yaoi/Fantasy/BDSM: Far in the future, civilization has collapsed and people have gathered in walled City-States for protection from the dangers lurking in the Wastelands outside. Leaf is content in his role as slave-boy to his beautiful and enigmatic Master, Leannan. But when an associate from Leannan's past arrives, the secure routine of Leannan and Leaf's life is disrupted, and Leaf must confront truths about his Master he'd rather not know. He must find the strength to do what he dreads most: act alone, without his Master's guidance. Statues by Jessie Verino: Alexandria Darnoud values her privacy as much as her art collection. Her living art collection. Rumors run wild throughout New Orleans about her hedonistic, invitation only, parties. Dante is a report working undercover as one of her statues in order to break the story of his career. Tough, take no prisoners Alexandria, has a secret she dares not even acknowledge to herself. She wants to surrender her hidden passion to a man who can take control, and Dante is her man of choice. But will Dante give up his story, his career, to keep Alexandria tied to his bed?iSUBmiT by N: A perfume might be bottled eroticism, but iSUBmiT is more. iSUBmiT is bottled darkness. And to learn how to sell the darkest of erotic promises Svetlana must first experience them. She must go to So-UnReal-Ism…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00