Past Tense

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Past Tense

Sector Guard, #16

This story reads like Grace is making an attempt to cross genres and not quite succeeding. The romance doesn't quite make it, mostly because Grace is still relying on pre-set notions and outside factors to push the two characters together rather than actually engineering a proper relationship and partially because that plotline is somewhat distracted by the murder mystery that is going on simultaneously. Speaking of said mystery, it's somewhat of a downer that the entire sequence was so easily solved. There really wasn't that much suspense or drama to the investigation, which made the distraction of the romance plotline doubly frustrating. In all, not one of Grace's better works.

Book Blurb for Past Tense

Mayden Morningside is a Reader who works with contracts and lives a quiet life until her old recruiter from Terra comes asking her to join the Sector Guard. She will have her body changed to match her partner's, a strange but necessary practice when one's partner is a dragon. Harusk is a sleeper, a dragon who chose to preserve his genes through a prolonged hibernation. Waking to find out his perfect match needs a little tinkering is surprising, but his first meetings with her captivate him beyond all of his preconceptions. Not bad for a woman in a tank who cant even curse at the pain of the transformation process. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.00