Palace of Scoundrels

Two Thrones Book 2

I did very much enjoy this chance to see how Danae and Matthias do after their wedding and all the politics that surround being a royal match. It was interesting seeing the day to day of their lives, watching Danae grow into her power and seeing how Matthias handles his kingdom.

However, much as Marcus, Villiers, and Sibeal's stories were entertaining and as much as I liked them very much as characters, I was slightly disappointed by how little actual time was spent between Danae and Marcus. To that end, I'd be tempted to characterize this sequel as more of a romantic fantasy rather than a fantasy romance. Not that one is better than the other, but it's something to be aware of going in.

I'll be looking forward to a sequel, if there is one, and hoping to see a better idea of how Danae and Matthias manage to make their marriage and parenthood work while being ostensibly geographically far away. Having a toddler who might not be able to keep secrets would throw a wrench into most things, I imagine.

Book Blurb for Palace of Scoundrels

Kidnapping, poison, and sex -- oh, my!

Spring has sprung in the island kingdom of Hellas, but with no signs of an occupant for the royal nursery Queen Danaë is starting to worry about her own fertility. Her concerns aren't helped by the arrival of the legendarily conniving Dowager Queen Atilia of Illium--or the woman's handsome grandson Prince Marcus, on the run after being accused of poisoning his older brother.

In the neighboring kingdom of Ypres, Danaë's royal husband Matthias is dealing with dangerous family politics and a wolfish duke who has kidnapped a young noblewoman for immoral purposes. Or has he? Can Matthias ward off the threat of civil war, outwit his relatives, and deal with a charming rival in his wife's own palace?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00