Nareen of the Draca

Daughters of Draca, #3

Nareen of the Draca is short, sweet and fluffy.

Reading this is not a bad way to while away some spare time, but this story is definitely more cotton candy than gummi bear.

Amusing enough, but I felt like things overall felt rushed and the characters lacked development.

With all that has happened to them, there could have been a lot of depth and pathos to the story, but somehow things just felt very glossed over and rushed to the extent where it was hard to really identify with the main character and what was going on.

This is definitely a later book in a series and it shows (Book 3). The author didn't weave in sufficient threads to create a compelling narrative and as such it doesn't quite standalone. Things happened, then there was sex, then more things happened that were supposed to be suspenseful but ended up falling a bit flat. Then there is a somewhat bewildering HEA due to not being quite sure if there was sufficient interaction/emotional connection to warrant it.

Pick up Nareen of the Draca for a steamy quickie, but don't expect too much out of it.

Book Blurb for Nareen of the Draca

Blurb Coming SoonNareen, dragon shape-shifter and Queen of the ancient clan of Draca, is exhausted. She's seen the Draca through a year of unprecedented change and redemption. She's cast the major spells that brought sex and lust roaring back to life. She's initiated contact with the human world for the first time in hundreds of years.

She needs a vacation.

And more than that, she's deeply lonely. Forbidden by the Gods to mate for life until she completes the tasks they've given her, she longs for her share of the lust and love whirling among her kin. What's a shape-shifting Queen to do?

The answers she receives in an erotic psychotropic dream session ignite her, body, mind, and soul. She's flooded with images of a massive black-winged Draca. Her mate. Finally. However, he lives in the human world. Hidden. Captured and bound by a spell of dark punishment and secrecy. She must find him. Claim him. Bring him back to the sanctuary. As fast as possible, because Lydia, human daughter of Draca, is due to give birth to the first Draca/human child in millennia.

Yet nothing ever goes as planned for the sexy Draca when the mischievous machinations of the Gods are involved...requiring, of course, off-the-charts sex magic and so much more.

Series: Daughters of Draca; Previous Book: Cara and the Draca

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00