My Immortal

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My Immortal

Unfortunately, it took me a while to get into the book. I felt that although the story itself was intriguing, it unfolded a little too slowly for my taste.

Amy is a wonderful character, I loved how she was perfectly able to go toe-to-toe with Rhys and smack him for acting stupid when he did. Whereas I did like the interaction between the two, it's rather tiresome to have to watch such an intelligent man go so gaga over someone that he falls into the age old mistake of "must push away love of life in order to protect her".

The action itself kept me on my toes although the suspense was a bit of a hit and miss. I was rather tempted to flip through for answers because I was getting antsy. Ultimately though, I think that J.K Coi has promise and I'll keep an eye out for her books.

Book Blurb for My Immortal

Evil lurks in the darkest of shadows, but a band of warriors stands ready to defend humanity against hell's own monsters-Immortal men hand-picked by destiny and taken out of time hold the fate of the world in their hands.

One of the oldest of his kind, Immortal warrior Rhys Morgan spends his nights on the streets of Chandler protecting the city's innocents from the demons that hunt them. Unyielding in purpose and uncompromising in battle, Rhys thought he'd never meet his match, until he met Amy Bennett

Rash and impetuous, Amy dashes into a fight, taking Rhys by surprise. He can't decide whether she's incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. But when the fight is over and Rhys is unable to get the beautiful human out of his head or his dreams, he knows his life is about to get complicated.

The barriers between the unlikely pair may be as thick and strong as the evil that threatens them, but some things can't be denied.and dark, mysterious, sexy Rhys Morgan is one of them.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00