Magmon's Lover

I really enjoyed this story, even though I don't usually go in for age-gap romances. Often I find it hard to believe that the characters can surmount the barrier of years of difference in life experiences.

However, Lyons did a good job of setting the story up so that it was believable. And hot. Let's not forget hot. I had my reservations before, but she quickly burned through all of them.

I also appreciated that this was one story where Lyons went into careful detail in crafting the story and the world. I enjoyed the various little rituals and the proving, which was not only intensely hot, but very intriguing in its setup.

Sweet and spicy, with enough depth to tantalize and seduce, this story is one of Lyons' better offerings.

Book Blurb for Magmon's Lover

Before Karliss Furia, Magmon's Vessel, was presented to his Ician, he had to be trained to seduce a skittish virgin.

Rostana Renald was gods-crafted for such pursuits. Rostana came to the temple in Magmalen, hoping to be trained by the priests in lovemaking, but when Zaden is less than pleased about her pursuits, she finds herself in the arms of Zaden's father, Councilor Gabel Tiben. He's a man nearly three times her age, but he's fire between the sheets.

While Rostana is sure society will prevent such a match, Gabel will not be denied. After knowing the touch of a god, Rostana responds to him. What more proof does anyone need that she is destined for him?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.50