Madeline's Mates

As per Evangeline Anderson's usual style, this story was hot, hot, hot -- with a healthy dash of drama, suspense, and angsty relationship tension thrown in for good measure. 

I definitely enjoyed this foray into the shapeshifter world, and I'd be interested in seeing more stories alone these lines. However, I thought that Anderson is too good a writer to use the usual trite lead-ins. The going into heat, the having the heat be far, far advanced, the potential death for lack of mating... I just thought it was a bit overdone, and i felt a bit like being bashed the head with a sledgehammer of "there must be drama!". Personally, I would have thought that just the shock of finding herself a shapeshifter, and maybe being attracted to an undesirable suitor would have been enough to work with because there's plenty of drama right there -- but no, must needs throw in potential death and tests and cranky elders and the heat that cannot be resisted.  

In short, to a certain extent, I felt like Anderson took the easy way -- which was to work with the sexual tension and the resulting drama instead of developing the story and having a deeper source of tension such as her adapting to a shapeshifter clan or just being attracted to a wolf without having the heat be an issue or something like that. 

I'm still going to pick up Anderson's books because she's a good writer and good for a hot read, but I'm hoping to see more story-telling in her books to come. 

Book Blurb for Madeline's Mates

Madeline Grant leads a lonely existence. Growing up an orphan, she’s never felt she belonged anywhere or to anyone. But all that is about to change.

One snowy night, a huge man with piercing blue eyes comes into the ER where Maddy works. He takes one look at her and tells her she’s about to go into heat. Maddy thinks he’s crazy—until his strange predictions begin to come true. But inviting the man, Jake, into her life, throws her world into a whirlwind of confusion. As if the news that she’s a shapeshifter isn’t enough, she also has to breed with her own kind—which means that no matter how much she desires Jake, he’s forbidden to have her.

Enter Jake’s best friend, Will—a shifter of the same breed as Maddy. He wants her at once but her heart is already taken. Thrown into the dark and dangerous world of shifter taboos, Maddy must decide whether to follow her head or her heart as she tries to survive the Christmas heat.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.50