Children of Poseidon 1

Lila and Lykos were sweet and a lot of fun. I really appreciated the fact that Lila could hold her own against Lykos despite being a witch without a lot of a power versus a demi-god. Lykos started out as a bit of an arrogant jerk, but a sorta lovable one, and as the story goes, definitely a redeemable one.

I did think that their siblings stole a show a bit, and there's really a pretty complicated cast going on, but it was a pretty good read nonetheless. There's enough world-building to keep things humming, enough intrigue to spice up the romance, and apparently at least two more demi-gods to tame. I'm interested in seeing how their future lovers are going to manage the feat whilst kinda wincing at the same time - Ran and Dam are not exactly easy projects.

There was quite a bit of POV hopping in this book, so those who like a story mostly dedicated to the main couple should be aware of that. I'm hopeful that will mean I'll see plenty of Likos (not a typo, a blended name!) in the next two books.

Book Blurb for Lykos

The Children of Poseidon may rule the seas, but someone forgot to tell this to the women they try to conquer.

Stormy seas, sexy sea gods, and temperamental witches? Who said being immortal wasn’t complicated?

Lila thinks she has life figured out—Raise her orphaned, powerful, teen-witch of a sister, then settle into a drama-and-teen-free existence.

Lykos knows he has life figured out. Protect his citizens and control his lovers. And stay away from witches. Except … what’s the son of Poseidon to do when an auburn-haired beauty enlists his help to save her baby sister from his power-hungry half-brother?

Monsoons have nothing on the turbulent passions between a sea-god and the woman he claims.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00