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This was a short piece, both hot and sweet. I enjoyed how Varian Krylov had a good amount of plot buildup before the actual hot scenes – there was explanation enough so it didn't seem forced or “strange”. Cat was a lovely character, it was heartbreaking and moving to hear about her desires and needs, stranded as they were. It was also realistic in the depiction of the men's reactions, although I did find it slightly odd for the father to join in the festivities, so to speak. I think I would have liked the story to be longer, or at least to address how the three of them managed after that. I was rather non-plussed at how the story just seemed to abruptly drop off. After reviewing two of Varian Krylov's works, it seems odd that the consequences didn't rise up and smack them, or at least force them to deal with it. In all, however, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and am looking forward to more. 

Book Blurb for Lost

When a typhoon destroys their boat, three scientists are stranded on an unpopulated island off the coast of Madagascar. As the weeks and months pass, it gets harder and harder for Derek to resist Cat’s seductive advances. Cat, sensual, spontaneous, hungry to experience every thrill, every sensation. Cat, a virgin ten years younger than he. Cat, his kid sister…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00