Lord Deveraux's Lady

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Lord Deveraux's Lady

Regency romance

I could not understand how this story didn't end with Cassie slapping Dev a couple of times and leaving him to his insufferable arrogance. Dev never had a kind word for Cassie for most of the book and he even complained when Connor tried to do kind things for Cassie -- such as suggesting that they set her up with a business of her own when they were done with her, or even as simple as allowing her a walk. He treated her as an object and even when he did take proper notice of her as a human being, it was usually only because of her looks. I found it highly improbable for him to just change his mind about her that quickly and it even more improbable for her to fall in love with him when he was an absolute ass to her the entire time. This goes quite beyond suspension of disbelief, I found myself wishing that she would grow a spine and just leave him behind and show him that she could have a good life without him. The fact that they had a "happily ever after" without him having to do much to earn it is almost disgusting. I cannot recommend this book as I feel the heroine was objectified and abused throughout the entire book.

Book Blurb for Lord Deveraux's Lady

Orphaned and penniless, CASSANDRA HARCOURT is sent by Agatha Bottomwell, wife of her village's Vicar, to apply as a scullery maid at the London mansion of the Countess of Thornton, Agatha's younger sister.    - Arriving in London, Cassie trips and falls into a wet gutter outside the coaching inn, soiling herself and her garments with horse dung. Approached by Prudence Goodbody, a  pervert's procurer, Cassie manages to escape Mrs. Goodbody's clutches. DEVEREAUX BALLANGER, EARL OF THORNTON is bored silly. His friends propose a wager: Persuade a common female to fool the ton by turning her into a Regency lady. - To chase away his ennui, Dev agrees. LORD DEVEREAUX'S LADY is a "sweet" Regency. Many thanks to Bernard Shaw's play, Pygmalion, and the movie adaptation of "My Fair Lady."

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 2.50