Lily's Enchantment

Lily's Enchantment put Kristin Noone on the map for me. Readers are in for a sorceress, a king in peril, a dragon, a bastard, and above all the welfare of a kingdom. The story is a rather worn one, as far as such things go, but the execution was done with sufficient love that it was easily overlooked.

This is a fairly short read, but the author weaves in just enough detail to bring the world to life while being tantalizing. I wanted to know more, to delve deeper into their lives.

The characters are flawed, beautiful in their very human ways, and I found myself cheering for their HEA. The dragon is the antagonist that begins the story, but he is so well rendered that I was hoping for him to find happiness in the end as well.

This is a quick, sweet read. I would love to see something full-length from this author. I'll keep an eye out.

Book Blurb for Lily's Enchantment

It’s not easy to be a good sorceress and a single mother. It’s even harder, though, when she’s called upon to save a dying king and face down a dragon—a dragon who might be part of her past. And to make the fairy tale even more complicated, the king’s illegitimate older brother has beautiful eyes, a reputation for deadly ruthlessness, and a surprising talent for comforting babies--and maybe for enticing Lily as well.

A Blush® fantasy romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00