Terran Times Second Wave Book 8

I enjoyed "Lesser". It was a fast and intriguing read. I thought the background behind Iridia's powers was interesting and thought provoking. However, it seemed like more weight was given to the political background of becoming the Avatar and settling into their roles. I usually would have enjoyed that sort of background information and fleshing out of the world, but in this case I felt like it detracted from the "romance" between the two main characters. I felt like I didn't get to know Zanthan as well, and I wasn't sure that I really bought their love story in the end. Rather than a standalone short story, this felt more like it should have been the beginning of a novel. That said, as always, I enjoy Viola Grace's ideas and this was fun, even if not precisely satisfying.

Book Blurb for Lesser

Iridia has grown up invisible. To family, friends, co-workers, she is barely there. They haven’t noticed her in so long that the Volunteer project seems like the best method to deal with her issues. They see the potential in her and welcome her with open arms, basic training in combat and weapons, as well as etiquette for dealing with alien species.

Chosen to be a Guardian on a newly re-waking world, Iridia finds that she is the second Guardian chosen and the only girl on the team.

Zanthan has been waiting for her, so has the world beneath him. Tharos Prime swore never to have an Avatar again, but he never said he wouldn’t take two.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 3.50