Kostas's Convenient Bride

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Kostas's Convenient Bride

Marrying a Tycoon

I wavered between a 3.5 and a 4 for Kosta's Convenient Bride because on one hand I really enjoyed how Kayla took Andreas to task when everything went sideways, but on the other hand I was a bit frustrated by the casual shorthand of using "Greek" as a descriptor for everything from Andreas' personality to his appearance. That particular word appears 40 times in the book and whilst it may be what he is, it shouldn't be used to illustrate who Andreas is. In the end, I went with 4 because it's possible this sort of shorthand is considered necessary for a Harlequin book, and I did like the story. I'd really like to see Harlequin move into 2018, however, as that sort of shorthand is abrasive and off-putting.

That said, back to Kayla and Andreas. I loved that she was a key figure in his life and business. I really appreciated that she was strong, capable, and eminently reasonable. Although I felt like she could have made Andreas apologize a bit more, I did like that she was always logical about why things went down the way they did and what part she played in everything. Andreas -- I wasn't as much of a fan of his overbearing "Greekness", and he didn't make as much of an impression on me as Kayla did, but I suppose it's okay since he'll give Kayla the happily ever after she wants.

I enjoyed Kostas's Convenient Bride and I look forward to reading more books by Lucy Monroe.

Book Blurb for Kostas's Convenient Bride

Her boss needs a bride…

Can she step out of the shadows and down the aisle?

Discovering her boss, billionaire tycoon Andreas Kostas, must marry is devastating for Kayla. Then Andreas proposes that Kayla wear his ring! Having experienced the incandescent pleasure of his touch, she’s hidden her yearning for him ever since. It’s the proposal Kayla’s always dreamed of, but dare she risk her body and heart to become a convenient wife?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00