Kiss and Tell

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Kiss and Tell

I really wanted to enjoy this story. Usually I'll go for the girl/boy next-door books every time. Unfortunately, most of why I enjoy those sort of stories were not in evidence -- namely the long, slow, sweet courtship, the friendly camaraderie, the rapport shared... A good portion of the story was spent on finding the ninja until I was ready to tear out my hair in frustration and when Leila finally figured out who her ninja was, then it was spent on needless angst and drama. I really felt like she was being a spoiled brat throughout and that Marsh was the one who kept giving and giving and it truly didn't feel like a true romance. I suspect these are idiosyncratic complaints though, and that other people will enjoy the spirited exchange between March and Leila.

Book Blurb for Kiss and Tell

From New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann comes a funny, feisty, romantic tale about childhood rivals who discover the mystery of grown-up love.

When Leila Hunt is swept off her feet by a ninja at a New Year's Eve costume party, she has no idea who the masked man is—but after he disappears into the night, she’s determined to find him. When the clock struck twelve, what began as a friendly New Year's greeting quickly became the most unforgettable kiss Leila had ever experienced with anyone—including her absent boyfriend. But of all the possible suspects, Leila hardly imagines that the ninja is the same man who’s teased, tormented—and secretly intrigued her—since childhood.

Marshall Devlin is finally ready to face the terrifying truth: he’s in love with his best friend’s sister, and has been for years. There’s just one complication: Leila didn't know he was her ninja. To win her, Marsh will have to woo her. But can he make Leila forget their decades of verbal sparring in time to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 2.75