Kiss Across Swords

Kiss Across Time Series, #2

Very well rendered with just the right amount of historical detail for fun without sinking too much into the horrors and barbarism of times past. I am uncertain about how much I believe in the way time works in Cooper-Posey's world, but that's a minor quibble that will need someone more knowledgeable than I in physics to unravel.

Usually I'm really not a fan of time-travel. No reliable running water, no internet, and let's not even go into social mores...

That said, Cooper-Posey does a really good job of using the social mores of the time to create the conflict and ensuing tension and unwrap underlying issues between the main characters. What I really appreciated is that she took the time to really set up Veris, Taylor and Brody as a real triad, not just two men who had a relationship who just decided out of the blue to throw in a woman for funsies. There's issues and stuff and all that coolness to angst over and she does so while using the time travel and all associated things with the time travel as a great vehicle for prompting things along. Veris' lord, for example, Brody's position over his men and what that entails, Taylor's actions and how that laid down the path towards everything else ... it all works and it's really very well done. Even as I wonder if time really is that fragile, but eh.

I really enjoyed Kiss Across Swords. It's a book that I can see myself re-reading because the interactions are just that good. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel.

Book Blurb for Kiss Across Swords

To save them all they must win back one reluctant heart...again.

Taylor Yates never dreamed growing up she would end up happily living with two drop-dead sexy vampires and time-hopping through their thousand years of personal history. Her life is complete...or is it?

When she finds herself at the siege of Jerusalem during the first crusade, Veris doesn't know her at all and doesn't want to. Worst of all, he and Brody are total strangers, and Taylor drives a wedge in deep between them by trying to seduce Veris at their first meeting--not something a lady of the day does if she wants to keep her head.

Taylor and Brody must woo Veris using the customs of medieval England, win his heart and his full commitment before Jerusalem falls in four days' time--or when they return to their own time, their lives as they know them will be gone...

Warning: This story features two super hot alpha vampire heroes, multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, MM sexual play, and MMF sex. Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.

The time-space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book. Promise.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00