Imperial Guard

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Imperial Guard

Sector Guard Book 6

I found this short story confusing, frustrating, and in dire need of backstory. 

The thing is, although I've read a good portion of Viola Grace's work, I don't have encyclopedic knowledge of her stories and this is perhaps a good thing as a reviewer because now I can say with all honesty that this book needs more backstory in the worst way.

We're thrust immediately into the action, which it not terrible except we have no idea what's going on. I'd really suggest going and reading Isabi's story first because so much more would make sense then -- and even then not entirely. I've read Isabi's story and parts of it was still clear as moat mud. Then Isaro just starts acting like a complete brat to her brother's wife and I'm left wondering what the heck is wrong with her and thinking that this makes her a really unsympathetic main character. Which is part of the problem. I never end up identifying with Isaro and never really understanding her beyond the fact that apparently she shape shifts into a man's best fantasy. Action ensues, which is partially confusing because sometimes the descriptions fails and there's too much assumed knowledge floating around. Non-romance happens where Alomar and Isaro do the whole love-at-first-sight and nothing more need to be said thing that's been happening a whole lot lately, they get it on, and Alomar (thankfully) calls Isaro out on her brattiness -- and we end with a HEA. Have to admit, I couldn't get into either the story or the character. If you have no previous experience with Grace's world, you might want to give this one a skip and try another one to get some background first. 

Book Blurb for Imperial Guard

Pages: 80 
Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Sector Guard Series
Something is killing the Imperial family and it is up to the Sector Guard to find out what.
Dealing with the family who refused to let her bury her father is difficult, but Isabi keeps her grounded as she fights for the survival of her estranged family. 
In the mean time, Isaro, Isabi's sister, is with them using her appearance altering skills to forward the work of the Sector Guard. When she meets the Captain of the bodyguard to the Moreski royal family, she falls head over heels over his tail. 
Alomar has worked for the royals since he was a kitten, but when he catches Isaro's scent, his loyalties are split. Does he protect the only family he has ever known, or chase the lovely Selna into a dark corner and prove that he wants her just the way she is.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 2.75