One word: meh.

The premise and setup is filled with cliche and trope. Destined vampire slayer, upon which the world's peace relies? Check. Hot red-headed witch with limitless sex appeal? Check. Fated lovers? Check.

One main problem I had with the story was not really even so much that the author didn't bring anything new and exciting to the table -- it was that the conflict was painfully contrived and I ended up wanting to scream at everyone involved.

We have the grandmothers, who for some godawful, unknown reason, liked to play cryptic for no clear benefit to anyone. We have Fiona, who keeps shoving Trent aside whenever he tries to actually have a relationship with her but going back and using him for sex anyway. Then there's Trent, who just comes off as sad because he's stuck on this woman who treats him like dirt and there's no clear reason for him being a doormat except he magically insta-lusts and insta-loves her.

So the entire story was pretty much a shove-pull-shove-pull dance between Fiona and Trent and the "happy ending" comes because of something external happening to them to solve their problems rather than Fiona taking her head out of her ass, which really bothered me. It's never a good thing when you end the story vaguely wishing that one of the MCs actually grew a pair, left, and found someone more worthy to spend their life with.

I'd give this one a skip as it's nothing special and might even be infuriating.

Book Blurb for Huntress

Life has taught Fiona, a telekinetic witch, some clear lessons—reveal your true self to no one and don’t believe in love. She keeps men at arm’s length until she meets Trent, an ex-Marine who seems to be satisfied with her need for no-strings sex.

But fate has thrown them together for another reason. Fiona is destined to take over her grandmother’s place as a vampire hunter. Trent has his own secret talent of clairvoyance and doesn’t want Fiona facing vamps alone. Not that he can stop her. But visions of her hunts fire his need to protect her at all costs.

Prophecy says his death will be inevitable and tragic if they stay together. But Trent doesn’t care. He loves her anyway and will push their bond to the limit, even when his life is on the line.

Inside Scoop: Fiona and Trent enjoy a bit of tying up and spanking.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 2.50