Hunter's Moon

Night Warriors 4

Lyon's characters, plot, and characterizations are as usual, dead-on. Her attention to detail and the amount of world-building that goes into every short story shows and is a joy to read.

It is unfortunate that this book is by no means a good starting point for her Night Warriors series. As she herself points out, those who have not read the previous books will find it very hard to jump straight into things. I've read a couple of the previous books off and on throughout the years and I had problems keeping things straight. As it is, be prepared for a little bit of confusion and lost by-play, but I can attest that it's still a very good read regardless.

I did find the over-bearing men a little bit overwhelming, but Lyons manages to keep their alpha protective nature intact without stifling the women. I have to confess to wanting to know how this all goes down. Will Veriel be dealt with eventually? I cannot wait to know.

Book Blurb for Hunter's Moon

“There were just a few little problems with tall, dark and sinfully-godlike. For one thing, he was bleeding all over himself.”

Between Anna’s death and Jayde’s discovery, Haus Jäger was a place of secrets. Who is Laura Briony? Why is she prized? How was Colin forced to choose his mate, and who is Jannelle Evans? How does Stephen eat his words? Did they ever have hope of finding Erin?

Three brothers who have no intention of mating and three women who find themselves targets of Veriel’s inner circle are about to embark on the greatest challenge of their lives. Headstrong women are the bane of the Hunter men. Headstrong women who might help him claim Erin are targets for Veriel. The Mad Deceiver will stop at nothing to find Erin.

Stephanie is trouble, a lord’s daughter who can never admit who and what she is. Her father’s life depends on secrecy, but that is easier said than done. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.50