Highland Devil

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Highland Devil

The Murrays Book 22

This might be book twenty-something in the Murray series, if I'm remembering correctly, but it totally functions as a standalone.

Hannah Howell's stories tend to be comfort reads for me, and Highland Devil is no exception. Yes, this does mean that Highland Devil relies on Howell's usual tricks of the trade - the strong, sweetly stubborn heroine, the evil usurping relatives, the charming handsome savior, and a whole cast of funny, wonderful friends and kin. It's gloriously predictable and I gobbled it up like candy and looked for more.

Mora and Gybbon are very sweet together, but the endless traveling got a bit wearying. It felt like the entire story was them moving from one place to the other, which wasn't so much "bad" as I almost wondered how they were going to deal with each other if they weren't on the move.

I really liked Highland Devil as it was the perfect antidote to a bad day and I'm looking forward to the next book.

Book Blurb for Highland Devil

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell returns to medieval Scotland where daring and desire stir the passions of the Murray clan . . .

When a red-haired woman tries to steal Sir Gybbon Murray’s horse on his journey back to the Murray stronghold, he thanks his lucky stars that his horse is a rude lout—and that the pretty thief is not so injured that she can’t tell her tale. He’s no nursemaid to delicate lasses, but Mora Ogilvy is fleeing her ruthless cousins, fearing for her life. And when she tells him of the home they’ve taken from her and the man they say she murdered, Gybbon cannot let such injustice stand . . .

Mora’s pride demands she take back her lands, but not by risking the lives of this handsome, wicked knight and his family. Still, she needs to recover from her wounds, and staying close to Gybbon in his brother’s keep is a seductive solution. A few weeks at his side will be a sweet memory for her when she returns to fight her own battles. Except the depth of her cousins’ treachery—and the fierceness of Gybbon’s love—may turn her own heart against her plans . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.00