Hell's Belle

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Hell's Belle

Devilish Debutantes Book 3

I'm torn on "Hell's Belle".

On one hand, Marcus and Emily are a lot of fun and very sweet together. I'm always a fan of the blunt bluestocking getting her happily ever after with a redeemed rake. Also, Emily wears spectacles, which as a fellow glasses-user, I'm a fan of.

That said, although I liked the premise, I wasn't a fan of the intense amount of meddling going on between almost all parties. There's "I care about you and I'm stepping in as an intervention" and "outright lack of boundaries" and I often felt that the story veered into the latter case.

Also, as much as I applaud a woman owning her own agency and going forth to create the future she wanted, I feel that the way Emily initially went about things was less than honorable and I couldn't fully like her for it.

Other than that, Hell's Belle was a quick, entertaining read.

Book Blurb for Hell's Belle

There comes a time in a lady’s life when she needs to take matters into her own hands…

A Scheming Minx

Emily Goodnight, a curiously smart bluestocking – who cannot see a thing without her blasted spectacles – is raising the art of meddling to new heights. Why leave her future in the hands of fate when she’s perfectly capable of managing it herself?

An Apathetic Rake

The Earl of Blakely, London’s most unattainable bachelor, finds Miss Goodnight’s schemes nearly as intriguing as the curves hidden beneath her frumpy gowns. Secure in his independence, he's focussed on one thing only: evading this father's manipulating ways. In doing so, ironically, he fails to evade the mischief of Emily’s managing ploys.

Hell’s Bell Indeed

What with all the cheating at parlor games, trysts in dark closets, and nighttime flights to Gretna Green, complications arise. Because fate has limits. And when it comes to love and the secrets of the past, there’s only so much twisting one English Miss can get away with…

Hell’s Bell is the third book in the Devil’s Debutantes Series but can also be read as a standalone novel.

Devil’s Debutantes:

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Book 3) Hell’s Belle

Book 4) Hell of a Lady (Coming soon)

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 3.00