Heat of the Night

Holly does it again, bringing exquisite depth and nuance to a story decadent with lust and desire. In Hunting Midnight, I love how Holly portrays Ulric. The other facets of his personality are shown, no longer is he just the arrogant leader who knows it all -- his devastation at losing Gillian, his corresponding loss of self-esteem, his struggles against falling in love with Juliana, and most importantly, his fight against staying the man that drove Gillian away. I thought that Ulric and his problems were shown in a very sympathetic light whilst mercilessly exposing him for the man he was. I was sad for Ulric when it ultimately turned out that he wasn't the man for Gillian and I'm very happy that he's found his true love at last.

Juliana was a pleasure. I love how she was spunky without being stupid about it. Intensely clever and not afraid to hide or use it. The handling of her being a human amidst a pack of upyr who could easily tear her apart was very well done -- she was smart enough to be cautious and to be afraid of what they could do without being cowed by their strength and it was great to see how she held her own.

The Night Owl was a much shorter story, but no less steamy. It was a great short read after Hunting Midnight, mostly just because it ties up a few loose ends, namely Bastien. I did think that after Hunting Midnight, I wanted a bit more pathos, suspense, drama, whodunit -- but it was still enjoyable.

Can't wait for the next Emma Holly books, as usual.

Book Blurb for Heat of the Night

From the USA Today bestselling author-a two-in-one volume of her extraordinary shapeshifting romances, Hunting Midnight and "The Night Owl."

Featuring her novel Hunting Midnight and its sequel novella, "The Night Owl," Heat of the Night is Emma Holly at her paranormal best.

In Hunting Midnight, the leader of a pack of shapeshifting immortals is betrayed by his longtime lover. Consumed with fury, he ventures recklessly beyond the borders of the Scottish forest-and into the desperate arms of a merchant's daughter.

In "The Night Owl," a member of the same pack has been sent to America where his power can grow unimpeded. In a small Vermont town, his desire for a local baker makes him believe he has found his mate-and he'll do anything to claim her.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50